When your job doesn’t fail to provide you with lazy mornings and bed weather feels everyday, all you need is a little motivation and a tiny push to get out of bed and get ready for work.

Let us all be honest; who does not want to do travels, do food trips, shopping or socializing without thinking of financial resources. However, this is reality. We need to work, to earn. We can be productive if we choose to spend some hard work and ignite some lazy bones. This human body can be really stubborn sometimes, well not really the body after all it only follows this motherboard inside our heads.

Thinking once, twice or thrice is redundancy for some but it can really help us in decision making. 

A lazy morning can be a day where we may realize what do we really want. Do you like to paint? Get up and work, salary maybe in a few days or weeks so you may purchase the best oil paint or the cutest brushes soon. Do you like photography? Do some photo walk on your way. Do you like travelling? Get up and start saving for your future trips. Do you like to write? Start by writing a journal about your day right from home to work and back.


Stop making excuses and stop dreaming, learn to live the dream. Do your part and reap the reward. Have a sip of coffee and let it set your mood of the day. You can do it!

Let’s keep it low key.

Something dark and fading is my thing.  Funny because whenever I edit my shots, my love for dark hues doesn’t really show. Does depend on the mood I think, but when you try to take a peek into my closet there’s no doubt, I love dark! I was trying to comprehend the thought that my mood is not as stable as others, psychologically speaking. Hahaha. Anyway, I took these photos when I had my vacation in the Philippines and I did a twist on what my mood wanted. I really want to have the gold tones in it yet I love dark I said, so here it goes.  19224999_1734665073214572_3720394021258056658_n19399791_1734677729879973_2175863038626157051_n


When you feel tickled whenever you can’t hold a camera, when you feel sad whenever you can’t press a shutter button and when you feel frustrated whenever you can’t execute an idea. Scarcity of models is my problem here living in a foreign place. Connections doesn’t work as an expat. I don’t have a lot of friends   so how can I compile the needed pictures for my portfolio? I did some tweaks. I went out and took some of these. Outdoor photography maybe?

Turkish Friday. Ain’t no turkish food, it’s turkey meat.

IMG_2941Hell yeah It’s Friday. The middle east paves way to its own weekend. We are not celebrating thanksgiving since its turkey its just that the love for food came accross me when I was brainstorming. Day off can be really fun if we savor it with savory food. Kinda redundant eh? Not really. Food is my buddy, my hero and yes we do have our own love hate relationship. Haha I am laughing.  Turkey is our meat today, ain’t usual in our table so I am  happy on every bite. Food is something we enjoy in every feast, every reunion and every usual gathering yet sometimes we forget if we  are eating healthy or junk.  I feel the guilt I know and  I need to do something about it.  I should start today, I should be motivated and I mean not tomorrow, next month or later I mean NOW. Okay turkey, bye bye oh no  we are okay let me snack on some fruits after.

Chuck’s Charisma.

“Change is the only constant thing.” they say. If you are able to cope up with it, you are dope! This classic sneaker continues to capture everyone’s heart since 1917.


You can never go wrong with black same as you can never go wrong with Chuck. This sneaker was introduced as a basketball shoes which was worn by the guy himself Chuck Taylor who introduced some of the changes in style to Converse. The design was a hit. Chuck Taylor who is a salesman was loved by the public as everyone like the shoes. Right from basketball concept shoes to rockstar’s favorite sneakers, to teenager’s choice and to groom’s cool pairs on wedding days the classic Chuck Taylor continues to prove that every penny is worth the price. Quality and design is a combo. Everyone else fails but this King will continue to reign.

First Family Shoot.







When you are learning photography and you’ve got an important shoot, you can’t help but be pressured about it. Sleepless nights watching tutorials and doing some research was like old school days preparing for exams. I was really excited but afraid that my clients may not like the results. My theme was a candid day at the park since I don’t have an assistant to help me prepare for props. I have to do everything on my own so I settled on less props and a lot of emotions. 

Here are some of the photos I was able to capture:




The shoot turned out to be fun since I was doing it with the kids that practically need running and goofing. My clients were happy at the results and even helped me gain followers in Instagram. Twa’s really an awesome experience.

Ground zero.

Stuck in a four cornered room. Gaining weight by sitting all day. Blurry site after stretching and juggling computer works. Concrete buildings, traffic and busy streets. This is my urban discreet lonely life. I am at ground zero. Ground zero may mean different to you but to me it means I am in exhaustion, depression (well not really), and anxious like behavior. That is when I said to myself, let’s better do something interesting.


I am a big fan of videography, and i just love how my imagination tickles me whenever I see a wedding same day edit, an amazing pre wedding drone shots and slow motioned giggles on a birthday. I really wanna do something like that but really I know how to appreciate and be a critique on what a good video looks like without knowing the technicalities. I am on my journey to photography and I am in the verge of criticism but nothing happens overnight. I firmly believed in that so let’s wait and see. I will be posting my photography road to videography sessions right from the very beginning. I will keep you updated. Love! 

Image credit: Vagabond3 Google