Things that matter.

The latest Iphone, the sleekest ipad, an awesome drone, a high end camera, fancy clothes, fancy car or a big mansion. We may have them all, but do we really need them? Are we gonna be truly happy once we have those things? Luxury in life is expensive and most of the time we don’t realize that the best things are really free. We tend to take advantage and ignore what really matters. We become greedy and materialistic. Our ego is uplifted just because we have the latest gadgets and expensive commodity.  I was one of those, I admit. I cared nothing about the people who wanted me as part of their lives, losing friends didn’t even hurt me and losing a special someone was as easy as one two three. I was a student back then, an only child. We were not rich but financially okay and can afford some of the expensive things. I was materialistic, I wanted to have almost everything. When I got my first job and got paid as a stable employee, little by little I was able to buy the things that I really wanted. In the first few months, I felt like the happiest person in the world but then I remembered the feeling of having a need for friends and companion. I was lost and depressed. I searched for genuine love and care. I wandered wondering if I can still manage to catch up to the people who really mattered to me when I was just dream chasing those expensive yet unvaluable things.


I started to feel like I am alone. Right there and then, I thought to myself that all those material things may be broken and may be worthless in a few years time but the people who care for me can be there for a lifetime. I slowly made my way back in their lives and apologize. Now, I have a family of my own and I can really feel that my heart is genuinely happy. I have what really matters. 


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