The Rainbow Colors.

“Coming out.” Hearing it is easy and when you try to do it, it’s hell. That is what LGBT community has to go through at one point in their lives. I myself can attest to that, not as a member but someone who does have a lot of gay friends.  This society can easily judge and can potentially ruin someone’s life. They face the fear of unacceptance, the mirror of getting kicked out and the misery of getting messed up. Family can reject them and friends may turn them down. It is a risk coming out, it is a gamble. The question is, was it their choice to be sexually confused? I know if you are to ask them; if they do have a choice to be straight without pretending, would they say yes? The answer is, definitely! Coming out and proving that you are no less of a human being just because you are gay, lesbian or homo is telling yourself not to be afraid and be happy as you are now free. Society may turn their back on you, but there will always be one in a million who will accept you as what and who you are. Let those wings fly, let those freckles be flawsome and let yourself be true to who you are. Troye Sivan is one hell of an advocate in the LGBT cause, he is gay and proud. Not everyone may like him, but he is awesome as he has the talent, the heart and the bravery. He can even do things better than the straight ones. He stood up and proved to everyone that being gay can never be a hindrance and he can do what he wants without losing a piece of him.

Photosource: Google


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