Turkish Friday. Ain’t no turkish food, it’s turkey meat.

IMG_2941Hell yeah It’s Friday. The middle east paves way to its own weekend. We are not celebrating thanksgiving since its turkey its just that the love for food came accross me when I was brainstorming. Day off can be really fun if we savor it with savory food. Kinda redundant eh? Not really. Food is my buddy, my hero and yes we do have our own love hate relationship. Haha I am laughing.  Turkey is our meat today, ain’t usual in our table so I am  happy on every bite. Food is something we enjoy in every feast, every reunion and every usual gathering yet sometimes we forget if we  are eating healthy or junk.  I feel the guilt I know and  I need to do something about it.  I should start today, I should be motivated and I mean not tomorrow, next month or later I mean NOW. Okay turkey, bye bye oh no  we are okay let me snack on some fruits after.


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