When your job doesn’t fail to provide you with lazy mornings and bed weather feels everyday, all you need is a little motivation and a tiny push to get out of bed and get ready for work.

Let us all be honest; who does not want to do travels, do food trips, shopping or socializing without thinking of financial resources. However, this is reality. We need to work, to earn. We can be productive if we choose to spend some hard work and ignite some lazy bones. This human body can be really stubborn sometimes, well not really the body after all it only follows this motherboard inside our heads.

Thinking once, twice or thrice is redundancy for some but it can really help us in decision making. 

A lazy morning can be a day where we may realize what do we really want. Do you like to paint? Get up and work, salary maybe in a few days or weeks so you may purchase the best oil paint or the cutest brushes soon. Do you like photography? Do some photo walk on your way. Do you like travelling? Get up and start saving for your future trips. Do you like to write? Start by writing a journal about your day right from home to work and back.


Stop making excuses and stop dreaming, learn to live the dream. Do your part and reap the reward. Have a sip of coffee and let it set your mood of the day. You can do it!


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