Ground zero.

Stuck in a four cornered room. Gaining weight by sitting all day. Blurry site after stretching and juggling computer works. Concrete buildings, traffic and busy streets. This is my urban discreet lonely life. I am at ground zero. Ground zero may mean different to you but to me it means I am in exhaustion, depression (well not really), and anxious like behavior. That is when I said to myself, let’s better do something interesting.


I am a big fan of videography, and i just love how my imagination tickles me whenever I see a wedding same day edit, an amazing pre wedding drone shots and slow motioned giggles on a birthday. I really wanna do something like that but really I know how to appreciate and be a critique on what a good video looks like without knowing the technicalities. I am on my journey to photography and I am in the verge of criticism but nothing happens overnight. I firmly believed in that so let’s wait and see. I will be posting my photography road to videography sessions right from the very beginning. I will keep you updated. Love! 

Image credit: Vagabond3 Google


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